Westcon Strip-Ease Ties
The best snap type form tie in the business. Formed using our proprietary high carbon steel, we achieve a form tie with both high tensile strength to withstand the pressures encountered in pouring the concrete, and excellent snap-ability to quickly and efficiently strip the forms from the finished concrete.

The tie breaks back ¼ inch into the concrete wall surface, leaving NO projecting ends to be cut, twisted or hammered off. The Westcon Strip-Ease ties save 2/3 of the labour cost in stripping versus other systems. Westcon Strip-Ease form ties are available in standard 4 inch, 6 inch, 8 inch, 10 inch, 12 inch, 14 inch and 16 inch sizes, plus metric lengths of 100mm, 150mm, 200mm, 250mm, 300mm, 350mm and 400mm and up to 900mm in 50mm increments. Custom form ties are available in any length from 4 inches to 15 feet long, contact us for details and pricing.

Foam tie
Westcon Strip-Ease Foam ties were developed in response to a desire from the many form rental companies we supply, to create a form tie which left less cleanup of the tie slots in the formply panels.

By reducing the seepage around the ties, less concrete material would harden in the slots during the concrete curing period. This innovative solution has helped speed up the turn-around time for the many form rental companies using the Westcon Forming System.

Sandwich ties
Westcon Strip-Ease sandwich ties hold 2inch or 3 inch high density styrofoam insulation in the middle of a 10 inch wall , creating an insulated wall which will never deteriorate. This is used for animal barns, and for insulated residential basement walls and frost walls.

We have engineer stamped approvals for these economical insulated wall systems, contact us if you require more information for your local building codes. The Styrofoam is held in place using 4 inch or 5 inch common nails, which makes this very simple and fast to assemble the forms. And of course the same quick stripping feature comes standard with this tie.

Locking Bar
Waler bar, also known as locking bar. We have our own high carbon ¼ x ¾ steel locking bar, with radiuses’on the edges to provide a smooth surface.

These bars lock the ties in place against the formply, and are infinitely re-useable. Our special high carbon steel withstands the repeated blows to snap the ties off, returning to its original shape time after time. Sold in 8 foot lengths, it can be cut shorter by the contractor for use in round forms, or special situations.

Inside Corner Hinges
Inside corner hinges are sold as two hinge parts, with the attaching bolts and nuts. These are bolted to the inside corner form boards, and the corners are joined using 5/8 rebar rods.
Outside Corner Straps
Outside corner straps are supplied as a single strap, with attaching bolts and nuts. The straps are bolted to the outside panel at the corner, and the locking bar goes through the slot and locks the corner together. Simple, durable and easy to assemble and strip.